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FRCR 2B Intensive Course 

June 4th 2024

This course mirrors the course on June 6th  (Please do not book both).

The course is an intensive single day virtual course for candidates sitting the FRCR 2B in June 2024. Our bespoke programme aims to simulate the exam giving delegates the experience of sitting the individual 2B exam components under exam conditions.


The written components of the exam are conducted on our purpose designed platform.  These are timed and marked  by our faculty allowing delegates to focus on fully understanding the demands of sitting the FRCR 2B.  Each delegate will receive their individual marks and feedback for the written sections  and have plenty of opportunity for discussion during the case review session.


Our viva sessions are conducted in small groups of 3, using high quality images from our extensive collection of cases, viewed on our cloud based DICOM viewer.   There will be three hour long viva sessions over the course of the day with each candidate receiving at least 20 mins on the "hot-seat" per session (1 hour in total).


At Virtual Tutes, we pride ourselves at being able to provide high quality educational content, focused on the individual with lots of personal feedback.  As such, numbers are limited to 12 candidates only.

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